Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to Secure ECP on a Single Exchange 2013/2016 Server

You do not want ECP accessible from the internet.  Here is an easy way to resolve this.  Note, if you do not have a wildcard cert you will get an SSL error.  Do not create an EXTERNAL dns record for this or you will re-enable ECP to the internet.

In my example-
Server Name- ExchSRV1
Default web site- Default Web Site
New ECP Site- InternalECP
Domain Name- contoso.com
New ECP URL- ecp.contoso.com

1) Go into IIS, right click on Sites, Add Website.  

Name- "InternalECP"
Physical Path- "C:\inetpub\wwwroot2"
Binding, Type- https
IP address- All Unassigned,
Port- 443 (Feel free to use another port for added security.)
Host Name- "ecp.contoso.com"

2) On your DNS servers, make a DNS A record for "ecp.contoso.com" pointing to your exchange server IP address.

3) Open the Exchange Management Console and enter the following commands-

New-EcpVirtualDirectory -Server "ExchSRV1" -WebSiteName "InternalECP" -InternalUrl "https://ecp.contoso.com/owa"

New-OWAVirtualDirectory -Server "ExchSRV1" -WebSiteName "InternalECP" -InternalUrl "https://ecp.contoso.com/owa"

4) Test that you can log into the new url and get into ECP.

5) Enter the following to disable ECP on the main site-

Set-EcpVirtualDirectory -identity "ecp (Default Web Site)" -AdminEnabled $false

Monday, June 5, 2017

"Adam's List" - Best Businesses I've deal with in Brighton, CO


Quynmlectric, Inc.
644 N. 7th Ave. #1 Brighton, CO 80601
Phone: (303) 835-2258

Quynnlectric doesn't shy away from the small jobs.  I needed an electric service upgrade.  I had other companies flat out refuse to do it, or quote me exorbitant prices.  Quynnlectric gave a fair price, communicated their availability, and even called me the day before to ensure I knew they were coming and what to expect.  These guys are great!


Paramount Enterprises
992 S. 4th Ave., Suite 100 # 116  Brighton, CO 80601
Phone: (303) 659-3735

Paramount earned my business by coming out and replacing shingles for a few hundred bucks.  No other company would take a small job like that.  They did a new roof for us, at a very fair price.  They were fast and professional.

Plumbing, Heating & Air

FixIT 24/7
12061 Pennsylvania St #105  Thornton, CO 80241
Phone: (303) 659-3400

FixIT is a good company that publishes there rates up-front.  They replaced my furnace and did a good job.  They also snaked out a drain and gave me a coupon price that I didn't even know about.

Fireplace Service & Repair

A Brighter Glow
Phone: (303) 655-9595

A Brighter Glow did a wonderful job servicing our gas fireplace.

Garage Doors

Alpha Door Systems
212 Mesa St  Brighton, CO 80601
Phone: (303) 210-9893

When a spring broke on my Garage Door, these guys did a great job.