Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to update file attachment size in Exchange 2013

To check-
get-transportconfig | ft maxsendsize, maxreceivesize
get-receiveconnector | ft name, maxmessagesize
get-sendconnector | ft name, maxmessagesize
get-mailbox Administrator |ft Name, Maxsendsize, maxreceivesize

To Fix-
Set-TransportConfig -MaxSendSize 50MB -MaxReceiveSize 50MB
Get-Mailbox | Set-Mailbox -MaxSendSize 50MB -MaxReceiveSize 50MB
get-transportconfig | Set-TransportConfig -maxsendsize 50MB -maxreceivesize 50MB; get-receiveconnector | set-receiveconnector -maxmessagesize 50MB; get-sendconnector | set-sendconnector -maxmessagesize 50MB; get-mailbox | Set-Mailbox -Maxsendsize 50MB -maxreceivesize 50MB

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