Friday, December 5, 2014

How to add a list of domains to a Send Connector in Exchange 2007 (Forced TLS) (CSV File)

I had a client with a scoped send connector to enforce outbound TLS to their partner company.  I needed to add a huge list of domains to the send connector.  I only tested this with Exchange 2007 but I'm sure it's similar for 2010/2013.

Create a file with Notepad and name the file with the extension .csv.  For my example, we'll use test.csv and we'll save it in C:\temp.  The format of the file should be-


Use the following commands in powershell o import the domains to your Send Connector.  For my example, our send connector will be called "TestSend".

$al = (Get-SendConnector -Identity TestSend).AddressSpaces
$al += (Import-CSV c:\temp\test.csv) | ForEach {$_.Name}
Set-SendConnector TestSend -AddressSpace $al3

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